Vision of Come2
• To promote Norway as the home country of gender equality within the framework of tourism and international cooperation.

Concept of Come2
• It started as a joint project with the National Women's Museum in Kongsvinger
• It developed into an idea of working for a better understanding of women's sitiuation across borders.
• Come2 is now marketing this idea in the form of technical visits programs.

Location of Come2
• At Kongsvinger:
• 90 km north-east of Oslo
• 30 km from the Swedish border
• 500 m from the National Women's Museum
• 200 m from Kongsvinger Fortress
• In the middle of Scandinavia`s Forestland

Technical visit program, one day in Kongsvinger
• Visit to Kongsvinger City Hall, lecture by female political leader
• Visit to the National Women`s Museum, lecture and mini-seminar by the director, Ms. Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen
• Lunch at the Museum
• Visit to Kongsvinger Hospital, lecture by the director, Ms. Tove Kjeverud Fossan
• Home visit
• Home stay

Come2 – why choose us?
• We tailor our technical visits programs according to customers' needs
• We aim at the best in personal service and comfort
• We have a broad network of lecturers who cover all aspects of Norway's political and social life
• We have a good network in Japan, but are striving to develop this even further
• We try to inspire and motivate our guests for future studies and contacts