The splendid idea about marketing Norway as the home country of gender equality, Hedmark as a women's county and Kongsvinger (with it's National Women's museum) as the women's town, has brought nicely PR in Norwegian and Japanese newspapers and magazines. We would like to share these press prints with you.

In addition there have been interviews in both local and national radiostations, as well as at the local and national television channel. Click on picture below to get a bigger version.

Glåmdalen 09/2000

Glåmdalen 10/2000 Paper Tokyo 05/2001 Paper Toyonaka 05/2001

Glåmdalen 05/2001

Glåmdalen 05/2001 Nikkei Women 06/2001 Dagbladet 08/2001

Glåmdalen 08/2001

Glåmdalen 08/2001 Kvinner og familie 08/2001 Aftenposten 09/2001

VG 09/2001

KK 09/2001 KK 09/2001