The National Women’s Museum was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Sonja in 1995.

The raison d’être of Kvinnemuseet is to collect documentation of the life and work of Norwegian women in our cultural history up to the present time. In doing so, the Museum hopes to inspire and further a better development in our society, by focusing on the diversity and plight of women in their daily life.

Kvinnemuseet is located in a beautiful villa in Swiss style, dating from 1857. Its name ­ Rolighed ­ means "Peaceful place", and was once the home of Dagny Juel. She grew up there, in the vicinity of the 17th century fortress and well conserved wooden buildings of Øvrebyen, the oldest part of Kongsvinger town.

Among its many activities Kvinnemuseet will every summer introduce new cultural historical exhibitions and exhibitions of contemporary art. The Millennium exhibition "Camillas Latter… Kvinnesaken gjennom 150 år" ­ Camilla’s laughter ­ is dedicated to the history of women’s rights over the past 150 years. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to Dagny Juel (1867­1901), and her role as a pianist and author in the dynamic company of famous European artists.

In the museum’s distinctive sitting room and blue stencilled kitchen Café Dagny offers home made luncheons and the World-renowned Bohemian cake.

Opening hours: June­August daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Groups: Contact us for arrangements throughout the year.
Special program for school classes.